Tips & Tricks

By using a chimney starter, you can eliminate the need for lighter fluid, and get rid of some old newspapers as well.

The taste of lighter fluid can ruin your barbecue


1. Crumple a full sheet of newspaper, then loosely roll it up into a tube. Even though claimed not to anymore, newspaper paper still has chemicals in it, including print paint (used to be lots of lead in it), which should be safe to burn, since soybean ink is used. you might find paper towels much more “health friendly” and porous, thus holding more oil in them, for the purpose.
2. Form the tube into a donut shape in the bottom of your chimney starter.
3. Spritz the paper donut with approximately one tablespoon of canola or other vegetable oil.
4. Place 15-20 pieces of charcoal into your chimney starter.
5. Light the paper in SEVERAL places from underneath your chimney starter.
6. Set the chimney starter in a safe place and let “cook” for 10 minutes or so. In ten minutes your charcoal should be going perfectly.
7. Add whatever additional charcoal you will need for your barbecue and let it “cook” for an additional 5-10 minutes.
8. Move the coals to your barbecue grill or smoker when they have turned into beautiful red coals (or white/gray if it’s daytime).